Cloud-Managed WiFi for Businesses

Datto’s cloud-managed access points are designed to ensure powerful and reliable wireless performance. Combined with the benefits of WiFi-6, MSPs can deliver efficient and secure wireless networks, with expanded coverage for always connected WiFi.

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Cloud-Managed WiFi for Businesses

The Next Generation of WiFi Networking

Datto WiFi delivers powerful, easy to use wireless networks with seamless roaming. Smarter, simpler WiFi means higher efficiency and less maintenance and a better overall WiFi experience for users.

Secure & Resilient Networks

In the world we live in, security is a critical component of technology. With Datto Networking’s relentless focus on security, you can deliver a reliable and secure WiFi experience.

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Plug and Play Mesh WiFi Deployment

Simplify networking deployments with Datto networking. It enables you to configure devices ahead of time through the cloud and plug them in on-site. With its ability to clone configurations, you can deploy multiple APs faster than ever.

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Self Optimizing WiFi Coverage

Datto WiFi utilizes smart technology to self-tune for better performance. With its encrypted mesh network and auto-channel scanning, you can deliver a reliable service.

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Cloud-Based WiFi Management

Datto Networking’s cloud management portal enables you to remotely monitor and manage entire WiFi fleets within a multi-tenant view. You can also deploy, clone, and reconfigure wireless networks with minimal effort.

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Optimized WiFi Coverage

Datto Networking WiFi access points are deployable both indoor and outdoors. With its self-optimizing technology, power-boosted coverage, and reliable performance, you enjoy seamless WiFi roaming even in large, open areas.

Managed Networking Services

At Datto, we believe in the value of great products and an unwavering commitment to 24x7x365 customer service and support. Every Datto Networking product ships with a lifetime warranty backed by our advanced replacement program. If you have an issue with your device, we ship you a new one before you send your damaged device back.

Craft Your Ideal Solution With Datto

Run your business efficiently and achieve next level IT services with our integrated product suite

Purpose-Built for easy management

With simplified deployment and easy cloud management, Datto make managing your network easy.

When Fargo Park was looking to revolutionize the way they ran their sports complex, they turned to their MSP Netrix IT. Discover how Netrix IT transformed Fargo park with Datto Networking.

Improved WiFi Performance

Self-Healing Mesh

Plugging in access points triggers a connection to the cloud and each other wirelessly. The mesh connection automatically forms, creating an encrypted mesh network.

Auto-Channel Scanning

Access points scan all channels, once a day to determine the network channel with the least amount of interference.

Simple Guest Networking

Deploy guest WiFi for small and medium businesses in a matter of minutes.

Common WiFi Questions

What is Managed WiFi?

Managed WiFi is a service that's delivered by Managed Service Providers (MSP) or IT Service Providers.

This service allows businesses to outsource the configuration and maintenance of their wireless network to an MSP. This typically involves the topology mapping, procurement, installation and maintenance of a WiFi network. As part of this service, MSPs are responsible for the performance, optimization and risk management of a WiFi network.

What is Cloud-Managed WiFi?

What is a Cloud-Managed Access Point?


Smarter, Simpler WiFi

Datto WiFi is easy to set up, easy to manage, and easy to use

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