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RMM Software Built for Your Business

Datto Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is a secure cloud-based RMM platform. You can remotely secure, monitor, and manage endpoints with Datto RMM to reduce costs and improve network efficiency.

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RMM Software Built for Your Business

Security is in Datto’s DNA

Datto is the only channel vendor whose RMM is evaluated by the Building Security In Maturity Model (BSIMM). Datto has been ranked in the top 20% of all firms undergoing their first assessment.

Leverage RMM automation to drive efficient service delivery

Manage all your clients’ endpoints, including those hosted on cloud platforms, to reduce your costs and improve efficiency. Achieve this through Datto’s unique combination of powerful features that are affordable and scalable.

Leading the way in RMM security

Datto RMM is created with a relentless focus on security. With no hardware to maintain and a 99.99% availability we make it easy for you to focus on your business. We are committed to the platform’s security and enabling you to better secure endpoints.

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A rapid pace of innovation

Datto RMM has a long-term vision for the future. Our monthly releases deliver innovative and impactful features such as ransomware detection that help you enhance your service delivery.

Increase operational productivity

From your onboarding experience with Datto RMM to maximizing product adoption and troubleshooting problems, we are deeply committed to supporting our partners. With Datto RMM dashboards you can quickly visualize pertinent information and gain efficiencies through automation with the power of intelligent alerts, auto-response, and auto-resolution.

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Building value and trust

You have access to our experts 24/7/365, so a fix is only a phone call away. We have created an in-product digital adoption tool and a certification program, to make onboarding seamless.

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A cloud-managed remote monitoring and management platform designed for you

Remotely monitor and manage your entire user base, reduce overheads, and empower your technical team.

Boost productivity with an intuitive interface across our unified PSA and RMM Platform

Datto’s seamless integration with Datto RMM and Autotask PSA provides real-time data and actions in front of your technicians. This helps triage tickets faster, improve front-line fix rates, and resolve issues more quickly. The depth of IT asset information flowing from Datto RMM to Autotask PSA makes it easy for you to build a data-driven service strategy.

Craft Your Ideal Solution With Datto

Run your business efficiently and achieve next level IT services with our integrated product suite

Improve business efficiency with automation and integrations

Leverage our custom scripts, policies and webhooks to automate operations and elevate your teams to new levels of productivity.

Take charge of your business with remote management and monitoring

You can remotely monitor and manage your foundation by detecting ransomware early on. We automatically alert clients of problems detected and assess them so they don’t affect the businesses in the future.

Discover RMM Ransomware Detection

Gain Network Visibility

Datto RMM's network topology maps create a visual display of your clients’ networks to help you accurately identify issues right away.

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HTML5 Remote Control Access

Troubleshoot IT issues faster with one-click remote access to online servers, laptops and desktops. Web Remote, our browser-based HTML 5 remote control connects to endpoints instantly and also lets you chat with end users.

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Powerful integrations

Datto RMM fits into your workflows, via integrations with leading PSA tools, networking and documentation solutions.

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Monitor and manage endpoints to mitigate risks

Automated patch management

Take a proactive response to protecting endpoints. With Datto RMM’s patch management feature, you can deploy the latest patches to secure systems and reduce threat risks.

Ransomware detection

Ransomware is one of the most common cyber threats that face businesses today. Datto RMM has built-in ransomware detection to help you monitor and respond to attacks.

24/7 remote support

Datto Support offers best-in-class 24/7 consultation and assistance to help you when you need support.

Why do customers choose Datto RMM?

TeleGlobal saves time and supports clients

Discover how Teleglobal achieved 95% patch compliance across their customer's remote environments with Datto RMM.

Ceeva Puts Security First with Datto RMM

Learn how Ceeva made the switch to Datto RMM, deployed Ransomware Detection and protect their customers from cyber threats.

Frequently Asked Remote Monitoring and Management Questions

What is Remote Monitoring and Management Software (RMM)?

RMM or remote monitoring and management is a type of software for IT professionals that can remotely secure monitor and manage endpoint devices. Several other terms like remote IT management and network management can also be used to describe RMM.

A remote monitoring and management (RMM) software application enables managed IT service providers (MSPs) to remotely and proactively monitor their customers' networks and computers.

Data about the remote devices, also known as endpoints, is collected by a lightweight software program called the Agent. The Agent then communicates this data to the RMM application. The service provider has access to this information via the web interface.

With an RMM solution, you can collect information about the customers' network, hardware, and software. You can also remotely support customers, proactively monitor every endpoint, deploy patches, create alerts and tickets when issues arise, schedule maintenance jobs, and more. You can stay ahead of issues and resolve them without going on site, often before your customers are aware of a problem.

In order to deploy remote monitoring management, a small application, often called an "agent," is installed on the managed endpoints. Information about machine status and health is then relayed to the MSP by these agents.

How is the Datto RMM platform built, and what security measures have we taken to secure it?

How secure is my data within the Datto RMM platform?

Will my data ever leave my region?

How can MSPs leverage RMM Software?

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Is Datto a cloud-based RMM tool?

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