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  • Rahul Awati

    Rahul Awati is a PMP-certified project manager with IT infrastructure experience spanning storage, compute and enterprise networking.

  • Corinne Bernstein

    Corinne Bernstein has written and edited business and technology articles for more than 30 years.

  • Barry Burd

    Drew University

    Dr. Barry Burd has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and since 1980, has been a professor at Drew University in Mathematics and Computer Science.

  • Alfred "Fred" Christianson

    Developer Relief LLC

    Fred Christianson has worked on B2B and B2C websites since the 1980s, from OS kernels to cryptography to financial software to video transcoding.

  • TechTarget Contributor

    Every day, millions of technology professionals rely on TechTarget’s network of sites to consume news analysis; read useful tutorials, how-tos and tips; and consume in-depth features and vendor product comparisons.

  • Tim Culverhouse

    Site Editor

    Tim Culverhouse is the site editor for SearchSoftwareQuality. He edits and writes content and helps drive the site's social media strategy.

  • Darcy DeClute

    Scrumtuous Inc.

    Darcy DeClute is a Scrum Master and Agile coach from Toronto, Canada. Since 2017, Darcy has helped over a dozen companies digitally transform.

  • Swati Dhingra

    FirstRain Software Centre

    Swati Dhingra has extensive project management experience delivering IT resolutions for clients worldwide.

  • Ryan Dowd

    Associate Site Editor

    Ryan Dowd is the associate editor for SearchCloudComputing.

  • Zachary Flower

    Freelance web developer and writer

    Zachary Flower is a freelance web developer with a need for usability. His background includes building projects and features for the National Security Agency and others.

  • David Friend


    David Friend is the co-founder and CEO of Wasabi, the hot storage company. Prior to Wasabi, David co-founded Carbonite, one of the world’s leading cloud backup companies.

  • Alexander S. Gillis

    Technical Writer and Editor

    Alexander S. Gillis is an assistant technical writer and editor in the WhatIs group at TechTarget.

  • Carolyn Heinze

    Carolyn Heinze is a freelance writer currently living in Paris. She's covered multiple topics, such as technology, business and cowboys and cowgirls.

  • Max Katz


    Max Katz is a well-known speaker appearing at many conferences, webinars, and JUG meetings. Katz is head of developer relations for at Exadel.

  • George Lawton

    George Lawton is a journalist based in London with over 30 years of experience writing about computers, communications, knowledge management, business and health.

  • Michael Levan

    Michael Levan is a cloud enthusiast and DevOps pro. He coaches engineers and provides consultation services for customers on cloud and DevOps projects.

  • Jenner Lochridge

    Jenner has a deep background in mobile experience, ranging from app development to testing to delivery.

  • Ben Lutkevich

    Technical Features Writer

    Ben is a technical features writer for, as part of the Learning Content team.

  • Gail Mackenzie

    Xennial Consulting Inc.

    Gail Mackenzie is a senior UI developer with expertise in developing highly customized and responsive designs for enterprise customers.

  • Kurt Marko


    Kurt Marko was an engineer and technologist who designed and built digital systems at varied scales.

  • Daisy McCarty

    Brand Message Clarity

    Daisy McCarty is the founder of Brand Message Clarity.

  • Cameron McKenzie


    Cameron McKenzie is the Editor In Chief for

  • James Montgomery

    Senior Features Editor

    James Montgomery is the senior features editor for TechTarget's Cloud and DevOps group.

  • Chris Moyer

    ACI Information Group

    Chris Moyer is an author and the vice president of technology for ACI Information Group. He has years of experience in programming with an emphasis in cloud computing.

  • Tom Nolle

    Andover Intel

    Tom Nolle is founder and principal analyst at Andover Intel. He has experience as a programmer, software architect and product manager.

  • Joseph B. Ottinger


    Joseph B. Ottinger has held senior roles in software engineering and project management, spanning various languages, architectures and implementations.

  • Ashik Patel

    Xennial Innovations Inc.

    Ashik Patel is an associate full-stack developer with a background in IT. He has previously worked as a back-end developer and API developer.

  • Bob Reselman

    Bob Reselman is a nationally-known software developer, system architect and technical writer/journalist.

  • Jim Romeo

    Jim Romeo is a freelance copywriter with a focus on business and technology topics, including IT security, supply chain management and emerging technologies.

  • Walker Rowe

    Walker Rowe is a freelance writer based in Chile.

  • Roger Smith

    Roger Smith was formerly an editor at InformationWeek¸ Software Development magazine and

  • Mark Spritzler

    Perfect World Programming

    Mark Spritzler is the CEO and owner of Perfect World Programming.

  • Jan Stafford

    Features Writer

    Jan has covered the computer industry for more than 20 years, writing about everything from personal computers to operating systems to server virtualization to application development.

  • Nikolay Stanev


    Nikolay Stanev is a Java back-end developer at Dreamix, with experience and knowledge of Java (Spring), SQL (MySQL), Ruby, C# and more.

  • Jason Tee

    Jason Tee is an enterprise consultant and covers topics for ranging from cloud to mobile to embedded devices.

  • Chris Tozzi

    Fixate IO

    Chris Tozzi is an editor and DevOps analyst at Fixate IO. He has a particular focus on open source, Agile infrastructure and networking.

  • Christopher Ward


    Christopher Ward is a product founder and advisor whose career has focused on content, marketing and e-commerce products and platforms.

  • David Weldon

    David Weldon is a business and technology writer who covers data management, information security, healthcare technology and other topics.

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